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Okładka książki The Energy Book
We are in 'The Age of Energy' Gwyneth Paltrow You are your own healer. Discover how with this book. Your energy is your essence. It's your personal power source. It influences the life choices you make. If your energy is blocked, you can feel unwell and you can get stuck in negative routines. This down-to-earth, guide to the ancient tradition of energy healing will enable you to tune in to your energy. Explore ancient and modern healing techniques - from reiki to sound healing, crystal healing to shamanic healing, meditation to breathwork. Understand how to use your energy to live more positively, to manifest your goals and find calm.
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Okładka książki You Are Cosmic Code
Your fate isn't written in the stars, it's in your cosmic code... You know your astrological sign but do you know your numbers? Get to know the ancient art of numerology and the numbers that rule your life. Numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart introduces the most important numbers for you and the simple method to discover them. Understand your life path number, personal year cycles, life expression numbers, Karmic lessons and balance numbers. They all have important roles, will help you understand who you are and how to live to your full potential. Find out how numerology works to find clarity and purpose every day.
42,00 zł
Okładka książki You Are A Rainbow
Tune in to your aura and change your life. Your aura is your colourful energy field and protection unique to you - it reflects how you are feeling, the experiences you have and help us understand who we are. It can be damaged but also healed and strengthened. All with simple everyday practices. Discover your aura - how to see, feel and know it - understand its powers and how to look after it so that it can help you reach your full potential.
42,00 zł
Okładka książki Balance Your Agni
Fire up your everyday life with simple, powerful Ayurvedic thinking. The ancient wellbeing philosophy of Ayurveda can seem complicated, but at its heart are three simple wisdoms that can bring life-changing results to how you think, feel and live: Agni, Ojas, and Doshas. Discover the meaning of the three simple wisdoms and what they represent. Learn the quick daily eating and living practices that can reinvigorate your life by improving your gut health and sleep, de-stressing and energising your body and mind.
42,00 zł
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Okładka książki How to Vegan
How to Vegan
45,00 zł
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Opakowanie Spellwork for Self-Care
Positive and intention-setting spells and practices to make life better. From modern and traditional global folklore, discover 40 simple spells to soothe stress and empower you to live your best life. Find a new job with a cedar and sandalwood spell, break bad habits under a waning moon, light a red candle to find love and awaken your inner warrior with a power ritual. This book will support you through life's ups and downs, whatever the situation.
45,00 zł
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Opakowanie What Would Arnie Do?
Do you revere the legend that is Arnie? Do you agree that the best activities for your health are pumping and humping? Do you trust that if it bleeds, you can kill it? Then this is the book for you. Be inspired by the no-nonsense life philosophy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, through his best and most ridiculous motivational quotes. And remember: Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.
24,00 zł
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Okładka książki The Bucket, F*ck it, Done it List
You don’t have to do everything on the list to live your best life. Swap FOMO for JOMO and tick off ‘Bucket’, ’ F*ck it’ or ‘Done it’ for each of the 3,669 things to do, depending on whether you intend to do it, couldn’t care less/would rather die than do it or have already accomplished it. Bucket, F*ck it or Done it. Which box would you tick when it comes to … ? * Drinking banana wine in the Canary Islands * Eating every shape of pasta at least once * Settling a dispute with a dance-off * Naming your boat after the person you lost your virginity to Checking stuff off just feels good!
32,00 zł
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Okładka książki Buddha Bowls
Buddha Bowls
45,10 zł
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Opakowanie How to Adult
Adulting (verb): To do grown-up things and hold responsibilities such as having a job, paying rent or doing laundry. A verb used exclusively by those who adult less than 50 per cent of the time. If you've forgotten to pay your council tax, you’re hungover at work (again) and you’ve been living off pesto pasta for the past seventeen days, it's time to adult. Authentic grown-up Stephen Wildish has produced a book for everyone who feels they need assistance getting through the confusing landscape of the real world.
42,00 zł
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